Bridesmaid Gift Cards By American Express

Thoughtful bridesmaid gift ideas and maid of honor gift ideas they'll adore

6 fresh ways to honor your bridesmaids with bridesmaid gifts from the heart.

The Search for the Most Unique Bridesmaid Gifts and Maid of Honor Gifts

Looking for perfect bridesmaid gift ideas and maid of honor gift ideas that aren’t run-of-the-mill? There are tons of creative options that do double-duty on the day you say, “I do.”

1. Pretty Personal Portraits

Ask one of your artistic friends or commission a pro to sketch one-of-a-kind drawings of each bridesmaid wearing your wedding colors. Then, turn them into custom greeting cards or frameable prints.

2. Dresses for Less

For bridesmaid gifts they’ll really flip for, grab a handful of American Express ® Gift Cards and hand them out during “the talk.” This is a great way to help defer the future costs of the gowns they’ll need to purchase as part of your party. Genius!

American Express® Gift Cards: The Gifts that Stand Out
  • Can be used virtually anywhere in the U.S. where American Express Cards are accepted
  • Safer than cash because the Card is replaceable if lost or stolen*
  • Choose from a variety of designs appropriate for weddings

* Restrictions apply. See Cardholder Agreement.

3. Hangers with a Twist

Bridesmaids’ gifts don’t always have to be store bought. Look up DIY instructions online for creating unique clothes hangers featuring the wire-spelled names of each bridesmaid. On the big day, the girls can use them to hang up their gowns. Goodbye, wrinkles. Hello perfect photo moment.

4. Boxes for Baubles

Jewelry and hair accessories are pretty standard bridesmaid gift ideas, but what about a more versatile vessel to hold their favorite pieces instead? Something in elegant glass or classic silver with their initials engraved on top will forever remind them of your special bond.

5. Pretty Wraps or Easy Button-Downs

Luxurious and simple, look no further for bridesmaid gift ideas than your closet. Soft wraps or shawls in your wedding colors or timeless button down monogrammed oxford shirts are essential during wedding prep (and won’t mess up their hair!).

6. Special Maid of Honor Gifts

The maid of honor is someone that you undoubtedly have a unique relationship with and your selection of the maid of honor gifts should be personal. If your maid of honor has a fantastic sense of humor, a “Keep Calm I’m the Maid of Honor” T-shirt may suit her personality.  Or if you wish to spend some girl-time together before the big day, an American Express Gift Card with a note offering an afternoon at the spa or a ladies’ lunch make for perfect maid of honor gifts.

You’re in the Wedding Party. Now What?

Being a bridesmaid comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of which is figuring out a fantastic wedding gift for the bride. When searching “gifts for bride” you may find pricier items that you can always get the girls to pitch in for.  Consider a set of crystal champagne flutes.  Or, contact the wedding photographer to purchase a large print or two from her big day, and present it after the fact as a gift for the bride. You can also pay for an excursion during the couple’s honeymoon, splurge on a spa day to her favorite retreat, or wrap up an American Express Gift Card to cover the cost of getting her bouquet or gown preserved post-nups.

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