Happy mother's day

Unique Gifts for Mom: Thoughtful Ways to Show Appreciation on Mother’s Day

What do you get the woman who does everything for everyone? You’ll make Mom’s day with these unique Mother’s Day gifts, especially when you incorporate an American Express ® Gift Card and give her the freedom to pick out something she really wants.

Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts That Mom Will Love

Mom may not be the easiest person to shop for, but if there is one person who knows what she needs, it’s her. The challenge is finding unique Mother’s Day gifts that can thank her for everything she does while giving her the flexibility to pick out something she truly wants. Consider our personalized gifts for Mom and enhance any of our suggestions with an American Express ® Gift Card.

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Use Your Words

Want to make sure she knows how you feel about her? Then tell her. Some of the most thoughtful personalized gifts for Mom are the ones you write yourself. Express your thoughts in a handwritten note. Craft a poem if you’re so inspired. Or make a list of the reasons she’s the world’s greatest Mom (your words will mean more than the mug ever will). Present your note, poem or list with an American Express Gift Card and include some thoughtful suggestions for how Mom can use it.

Say It with Flowers

How do flowers make unique Mother’s Day gifts? When you pick them yourself. Your arrangement might not look as professional as one from your local florist. But your handpicked bouquet will show far more originality and thought, especially when you include an American Express Gift Card alongside your varietals.

Photo Op

Framed photos make nice personalized Mother’s Day gifts. But if one picture is worth a thousand words, show Mom she’s worth millions with a photo book filled with all of your favorite shots over the years. Include a personal message and slip an American Express Gift Card inside the cover.

Quick Transfer

Dig up those family movies on 8mm, 16mm and Super 8 film, along with old videotapes, and transfer them to DVD. The footage you find will be priceless. Select some great clips of Mom, choose a few of her favorite songs and present her with a Mother’s Day highlight reel that the whole family can watch together.

Basket Case

Here’s another case for doing it yourself. Anyone can order a gift basket. But selecting an assortment of unique gifts for Mom requires a lot more thought. Include a bottle of wine, chocolate and her favorite snacks, along with slippers, a comfortable robe, candles, an eye mask and anything else that might help Mom decompress. Afraid you left something out? Include a Mother’s Day gift card and make sure Mom can get what she really wants.

American Express Gift Cards come in various designs appropriate for Mother’s Day, or you can feature her name right on the card. Make Mom’s day with any of these unique Mother’s Day gifts and let her pick out what she wants, online or in person, from virtually anywhere American Express is accepted.

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